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Mar 05 2012

The Importance of a Church Website

A good church website is increasingly becoming an essential part of growing your church. An average church loses 10% of its membership through some sort of back door, such as moving, death or leaving for some other reason every year. Therefore church growth experts have determined that a church must have 5% visitors in attendance each Sunday in order to grow at all.

One of the most cost effective ways to get visitors to come to your church is through your church website. There are many ways to reach out to attract new visitors to your church. Outreach can be done through personal invitation, mailings, radio and television ads, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads and signs. In most cases, a person who hears about your church will get on the internet to check out your church website. Whether they can find your church website and what it looks like will determine whether they come to visit your church. A church website is an extremely cost effective way of directly reaching out to those searching on the internet for a church, as well as those who have been made aware of your church through some other outreach means.

In order for visitors to come to your church after viewing your church website, they must first find the website. Having no church website is seen by more and more people as representing a dying and out of touch church. However, even if you have a church website, people need to be able to find it. A person who types in the name of your church and your city into Google should find your church in the first page of listings if your website is correctly designed. In fact, typing in the phrase “churches in your city” into Google should bring up your church in the first few pages of listings, if your church website has been properly contructed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Top Church Websites constructs custom church websites so they can be found in the search engines.

Once a person finds your website, they must be able to interact with an up-to-date web design that accurately represents your unique church and answers any questions your web visitor may have. Many churches still have older websites designed more than five years ago. These older designs are generally static websites that are difficult to update without specialized software and knowledge and so are often out of date. State of the art church web design now uses content management systems, which make updating the website easy for multiple staff members with a web browser. This technology makes it time effective to keep a website up to date with information on all the ministries your church has to offer. Web visitors can view photos of your church events, listen to your pastor’s messages or even watch a video of your Sunday service. With a Top Church Websites custom church web design, visitors can check out your church calendar, interact with an online poll or download last Sunday’s bulletin. Offering an attractive and functional website will bring many visitors to your Sunday services eager to learn more about God at your church.

We believe that the importance of a good church website to the growth of a church cannot be overemphasized. However, a good church website can also assist you in building your church community, communicating with your members and providing a members-only area. A members-only area can be used to distribute information that would not be appropriate to make available to the public. For example, this members-only area could hold information for various ministry teams, church directories, small group and discipleship materials. A good church website builds your member’s pride in their church and makes it easier for them to reach out to invite friends and relatives to the church as well.

Any church, no matter what size, should invest in a custom church website, if they want to grow numerically and spiritually. Your investment in your church website will pay for itself many times over in just a year or two. Don’t settle for a cheap template site that doesn’t represent your unique church or make it possible for your website to continue to grow with your church. We encourage you to consider a custom church CMS web design from Top Church Websites to empower your church for growth.


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